What is your Rodeo missing? You have the toughest stock and the elite to compete. But stop and think. What is missing? You are missing the Voice of Rodeo that can recognize sponsorship, fill dead time, and entertain the audience. Steve has a saying, “People do not come to the Rodeo to eat BBQ and drink beer and eat popcorn and visit; they come to be ENTERTAINED!”

Steve is not just another Rodeo Announcer, but a complete comprehensive EVENT COORDINATOR & Consultant. As a Professional Speaker and Rodeo Announcer Steve Bacque Ph.D. “The Voice of Rodeo” is your Rodeo Ambassador. He presents and markets your event and your sponsors to the public professionally and with complete integrity to ensure the financial success of your event. If you want to grow / expand your show to a major money making EVENT-you need more than just another Announcer. You need a Business Partner-whose objective is to make your event a success! A proven Business Leader with a solid track record of business success… Who knows Rodeo and how to make $$$ for you!

Stephen E. Bacque Ph.D. is a very successful entrepreneur and founder of 3 highly successful businesses he brings 20 plus years as a Professional Speaker, Commercial Voice Talent and Marketing Consultant to your event. He has been featured on Oprah, CNN, Today, Larry King, Good Morning America, 20/20, Leno, Fox News, and countless local TV News programs nationwide. He has been in 5 national televised commercials and 8 regional TV commercials and has been a guest on over 300 Radio Talk shows and in 3 movies. Winner of the highly prestigious “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch & Inc, Magazine, “Congressional Businessman of the Year”, SBAs / SBDCs “Small Business Success Award” “Who’s Who of Business.” Steve is the Author of 10 books. The latest is all about the history of the Great American Sport of RODEO titled: “Broncs Bulls & Buckles” (ask how this can be a FUNDRAISER for your organization).



Steve Bacque