2007- The concept of Makin’8 Rodeo Network was created by Scott Mesick, after a bull riding accident, Scott was looking for other ways to be involved in the sport of rodeo, and make a difference! Scott began researching ways that are not yet used and ways that might be out there yet not affordable to most associations/producers of events.

2008-  Scott found BlogTalk Radio, a web platform used for internet broadcasting, and began testing the FIRST online radio show set for rodeos. in April 2008 the first ever, BTR rodeo show aired click here to listen

2009– Makin’8 Rodeo Network officially launched, in January, while attending a PBR BFTS event, Scott began making contacts, and explaining to fans, athletes, and others what WE can do in order to help this sport grow. Scott began promoting local rodeos/bull riding events LIVE in FL, while continuing weekly radio shows, and began bringing on guests to talk with the fans, and allowing the fans to get to know these guests outside of the arena.
In October,2009 Makin8 was contacted by 5x World Champion bullfighter, Rob Smets. Rob and Scott began a friendship that continues today. Rob was hosting the thunder Equigames in Las Vegas during the NFR and invited Scott and Makin’8 to attend the event and broadcast on the internet radio.
In December 2009,Makin8 was in Las Vegas and had exclusive online radio coverage of the Thunder Equigame bull fights listen here.  with co-host Dusty Tuckness

2010- Makin8 continued working at there weekly radio shows and LIVE radio show broadcasts. In June,2010 Makin8 launched our first ever internet video webcast at a SEBRA event in Alabama. Watch here  Makin8 continued to connect with the rodeo/ and bull riding fans on the internet while working to bring a professional, and exciting webcast to the fans online, and giving the producers, assoc the exposure online. Makin8 also made a trip back to the WNFR in December to cover events going on outside of the arena, and again connect with fans of the sport!

2011- Makin8  was requested to webcast the IFR41 from Oklahoma City, during this week we has the privilege of webcast the IFR bucking Sale, Ladies Lunch In and the awards banquet besides some great IPRA Rodeo. From this point, Makin8 continued to market and promote many other associations and events to include the SEBRA finals, and NBR finals.  In the summer of 2011, Makin8 relocated from Florida to Oklahoma, in order to be closer to the sport of rodeo, and be more available to the associations and producers. Makin8 has continued to find new ways to promote the sport and all those involved and make it affordable to these assoc.  We also continued to reach the fans of the sport, by building some great relationships with athletes, and those who have helped build this sport to include World Champions Gary Leffew,Tuff Hedeman,Cody Custer, and many of the top ranked bull riders in the world on the PBR BFTS.

2012-  In January, Makin’8 returned to OKC to bring the exclusive webcast of IFR42 online to fans across the world. While developing some great relationships with other persons that have a true knowledge and passion for the sport of rodeo. Makin8 has partnered up with other online radio shows that have learned from and worked with Makin8 to bring exposure to the associations/producers of rodeo. We continue to upgrade and find ways to bring the exposure to the fans we have reached out to.


                What We offer                                             Stats        2009   /   2010   /    2011

  •    Weekly Radio Shows                                                             8,522   /  23,591   /  28,069 Listeners

  •    Live video Webcasts                                                               –       /   984       /  29,689  Viewers
  •     Connection with fans of rodeo for all that want to grow or be involved in the sport
  •     Advertisement Branding for Business in social media,website, radio, and webcast
  •     Promotional & Marketing tools for Business, Associations, and Event Producers


NOTE: all stats are provided by BlogTalkRadio  and Ustream and can be verified, does not account for radio shows or webcasts streamed on www.makin8rodeo.com but produced by other partners.
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